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San Diego Startups and Scale-Ups are lucky to exist in one of the most innovative cities in the United States. There is abundant capital and raising capital locally is a distinct possibility. The environment is competitive and the effects of COVID-19 will have impact on the financing strategies of Startups and Scale-Up companies.

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Smart companies use intellectual property as a tool for value creation, market protection and business planning. While the properly constructed intellectual property portfolio has always been important in certain industries and companies, it's importance is becoming even greater. The pace of patent filings in the East have risen dramatically, suggesting that intellectual property will define an important battle field in the future. Learn how the role of intellectual property in business success is defined and new strategies for procuring Intellectual Property Law Services.

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Startups and companies that want or need to grow quickly continue to grow in importance to the US economy, to big business and the World's future. At the same time the net new number of startups has declined and has remained depressed for more than a decade. This trend appears to be reversing. Startups are still failing at a very high rate and little is being done to organically improve the success rate of startups.

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